Make extra money by renting out the room you don’t use

Post your room without any additional costs and find the person who fits your ideal lifestyle

Bringing the search for your roommate to a new level

Publish your spare room to start receiving requests and smart recommendations. You will match with multiple Badis, just chat with them to choose your favorite. Searching for a roommate has never been so intuitive and easy!

List your room and share your apartment

Smart Recommendation System

No need to wait for candidates to request your room. Our Smart Recommendation System automatically selects a list of candidates according to your profile and interests. It's pretty simple: if you don't have any rental requests left to answer, we will recommend potential Badis for you to live with. The choice of inviting them to chat is completely up to you!

Find your ideal roommate now!


When you publish your listing, it will be visible to the entire community of Badis and those that are interested in your room will send you a request. You can accept or reject candidates. If you accept a request, a direct chat with the candidate will open!