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The Urban Renaissance

We revolutionise cities with an original and exciting way of apartment sharing. We make city centre living affordable for everyone by changing how apartment sharers connect and interact.

Success Stories

  • Alfonso, 31


    You got rid of my migraines because looking for a room to rent can be hard work.

  • Giorgio, 24

    Sports addict

    I found rooms I really liked. After a couple of hours, I received invitations to go to visit them. And in only 2 weeks I found Carla, my actual roommate.

  • Marta, 25

    Professional smiler

    The easiest way to find your ideal roommate. You can choose who fits or doesn't in your shared flat. Badi is the only platform that allows you to do this.

  • Luna, 34

    Animal lover

    This is a great platform different from others. The content and the brand image are just perfect and enjoyable.

  • Neus, 34

    Head & Heart

    A few minutes after uploading my room I started getting requests - most from people with pets... And I love pets!

  • Mike, 26

    Music Developer

    I thought it'd be really hard to find a place when I decided to come back to Barcelona, but Badi changed my mind very quickly.